Welcome to the new VirginiaClog.com!


Thanks to everyone for continuing to view VirginiaClog.com! We’re making a few new changes to our site in 2013. One of them being, the site is now a blog! We will also be re-posting our past feature teams and instructors to give everyone a second look, and we will be searching for some new groups to feature as well! (Psst! If you know of teams who haven’t been featured on VirginiaClog, please let us know!)

As always, our goal is to gather information about all things clogging in Virginia. This site has been a wonderful tool to spread the word about all the clogging teams throughout the state. In addition, several individuals and organizations have also contacted VirginiaClog to find clogging groups in their area for both performances and for clogging instruction, so VirginiaClog is a great tool to Virginia Clogging teams! (Make sure to submit your contact information for our team listing page!)

As always, please feel free to submit any information to our site that you are trying to project to other Virginia teams. For instance, information about clogging workshops, competitions, or other events or maybe you have some old team outfits that you want to sell? Or maybe you’re searching for costumes? This blog presents an opportunity for a kind of “community clogging message board” in Virginia, so please feel free to send us information, comments, questions, or announcements!

And if you’re interested in contributing a post to our blog, we’re open to that, too! Just email us at virginiaclog@sundancestudio.org for your post idea!

Thank you again for stopping by!


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