Support for Savannah

One thing all cloggers can agree on (and one comment I’ve heard from many of my clogging peers) is that being a clogger means you’re part of a huge family. Not only your team (or teams), but rather a ginormous network of clogging brothers and sisters all over the nation, all around the world. If a clogger is experiencing trails or tragedy, one thing they can always count on is their clogging family. Prayers, support, and acts of encouragement and kindness are what we are able to give to our clogging brothers and sisters.

Seven-year-old clogger, Savannah Cox of northern Virginia

Seven-year-old clogger, Savannah Cox of northern Virginia

The same is so for seven-year-old Savannah Cox, a clogger in northern Virginia who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Doctors are still trying to pinpoint what type of cancer Savannah has; however if you would like to follow her story and offer Savannah encouraging comments throughout her journey, please like the “Support for Savannah” Facebook page. (Link below.)

As you will see by her picture, little Savannah is ready to fight. I think we can all agree that is a brave little smile on her face. Please pray for Savannah, her family and friends, her doctors, and her clogging team, Heart of Virginia.

Link to “Support for Savannah” Facebook page


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